The concept

Noara: The Conspiracy is a hybrid game that combines the limitless strategic dimensions of chess with the dynamism of MOBA. Turn-based multi-player strategy game in 3D, Noara will have a 1v1 mode and a cooperative 2v2 mode. The game will be released on PC / Mac.

Greatly inspired by chess, but also by classics such as League of Legends or DOTA, it is in a fantastic, original and complex universe, that the innovative "Tactical MOBA" Noara is presented to you.

In this unique turn-based game, you will never stay idle ...

The environment

Whether it's to survive, for power, honor, or simply pure pleasure, no matter the reason... the people who have roamed the Noara Lands for over two millennia have never had any other choice than to fight.

In a medieval-fantasy universe where only the strongest survive, you will play a war strategist and take the lead of the army of your choice among the Adalar demons and the Kragh clan.

The Kragh clan

For more than a millennium, the Kraghs have established their camps under the vaults of the Ataraxic caves, south of the Noara world. They enjoy life in self-sufficiency and only rarely mingle with other populations.

In spite of their physiological differences, these tribes of fish-men of various appearances, form a civilization endowed with a sense of the extreme solidarity.

The Kraghs are wrestlers with superhuman physical strength who prefer aquatic spaces to fight; but their diverse and surprising abilities allow them to adapt to all fields of battle.

The Adalar demons

Hounded in the night and horror by the Ansom and the Kragh, the Adalar Demons were forced to flee where no one would dare to follow them, on the edge of the Carmine Forest, a tropical hell located at the far west of Noara.

This poisonous, unpredictable and lethal environment that should have been their doom is now their sanctuary.

The Adalar prefer to avoid conflict om clear land, but will in fight blind spots and dark corners, using trees, traps and vegetation to surprise and kill.

The characters

What can the mix between a chess piece and a MOBA character be like?

Well, imagine a Knight who can heal and set traps, a Bishop who can conceal himself and attacks from a distance, or a King who can charge on his opponents and inflict damage on a whole area.

You'll be leading an army of sixteen different characters, each with unique skills giving you the possibility to make many combos while giving you the ability to create your own strategies.