Atypique Studio heading to Lyon!

20 February 2019
Studio life


What could be better than Yggdrasil festival and its 7000m2 to introduce you to the medieval fantasy world of Noara?

On February 16th and 17th, WE WERE THERE ! It was once again an extraordinary weekend, and besides being in a crazy atmosphere among all the present indie studios, you guys brought us tremendous strength and motivation, encouraging us to work harder.

More and more people like the game now, the curious come to visit and keep coming back even on the same day: this makes us feel good and proves that you like both our game and our universe.

The most important thing in this adventure is you and your opinions, you are the reason why this lasts, thanks to your questions and your remarks, it is because of you that we are improving, that we keep this energy and this desire. THANK YOU!



Written by NaMleh