Back from Japan Expo!

09 July 2018
Studio life


This year, the Atypique Studio team participated in the Japan Expo!

The largest show in which we have had a booth. A wonderful experience!

We knew that our endurance would be put to the test, but it was without counting on your feedback, and all your encouragement.

These 4 intense days have flown by, as we love to spend time with you. Be sure that we will look into all your feedback, it is essential to us.

Your ideas, comments and suggestions have always been relevant to this point, and we will certainly take all of them into account.

Those who came to visit us were able to meet for the first time our illustrator, Sp00n, who is always willing to sign your posters, as well as two talented cosplayers. Virzen and Deji, two young costumed artists participated with us in the animation of the stand, and we wanted to congratulate them once again for their creations, very accurate to the world of Noara.

Once again, we’ve had the privilege of answering a few interviews, and are delighted to see that the independent game scene is gaining in popularity.

The Village des Jeux Indépendants has enjoyed a remarkable showcase from the organization, it's great!



Written by Tony ANSALDI