A look back on this last year!

20 June 2021
Studio life


A lot of things happened, and the year has not been easy especially with this pandemic.... We have missed you so much, it has been hard without you !

We preferred to keep quiet so we could work on our own. Why did we do that? We wanted to make sure we could come back to you with some very big stuff. We now have a lot of new content, improvements and big announcements to share with you!

First of all, the Noara game has undergone a global redesign. Don't worry, the universe and the characters remain the same, the main work has been the graphical redesign of our map and an optimization of the units modeling.The gameplay has also had a little refreshment with the addition of many elements that will surely please you, but I will try not to tell you too much so as not to spoil the surprise...

On the character skills side, many improvements and corrections have been made. All of this was made possible thanks to the Atypique team, who gave it their all, but also thanks to your numerous feedbacks on the different shows. We can't thank you enough and we really hope to see you back this year! 

As for the novel "Noara: The Last Moon", which inspired the story of our video game, an audio book will soon be released and a volume 2 is even in preparation but, shhh! I've already told you too much...

All this is not too bad? And you haven't seen anything yet, we have many other big surprises to announce. The whole Atypique Studio team is looking forward to seeing you again! We promise you that this year will be rich in events. 

So see you soon!





Written by Mika