A Maximus Cup for the team!

05 December 2018
Studio life

A Maximus Cup with mixed results: our first participation did not allow us to meet you (“Yellow vests protesters again!”).

We would have loved to meet you and to have your feedback once again; despite that, we took the opportunity to meet some personalities of the E-sport scene. Sharing, discussing, enjoying the advice and guidance of professional players is something we couldn’t turn down, as you can imagine.

A big thank you to all the people who came after all and who were able to test our game and give us their feedback. Thanks also to the organisers, we hope that the next edition will attain the success it deserves. And lastly, thanks to Yellowstar, Team LDLC, Shaunz, GobGG and Nono for their advice and their constructive feedback, they had a dramatic impact on us!



Written by NaMleh